Work will finish in May. | J. Socies


Work on the Llucmajor-Campos dual carriageway should have been completed at the end of last year. It will now finish in May, the delay having been caused by the pandemic. The Council of Mallorca says that there were issues with supplies of construction material and machinery.

Among work that still needs to be carried out is the planting of vegetation and reconstruction of certain elements of heritage that have been affected by the building of the road. The Council's mobility department is currently detailing the plan for organisation of final works.

The road has been controversial. There was much opposition to its building on environmental grounds. The current councillor for mobility, Ivan Sevillano of Podemos, inherited the project when he became councillor in 2019. He has preferred not to make any public statement about the road.

The dual carriageway was called for by residents and by most political parties. The volume of traffic and a poor accident record were the reasons. The original project was drafted in 2003 but never acted upon. There was another in 2015, then finally the one in 2017 which formed the basis for the construction of the road.

Costing 27.5 million euros, the environmental objections included the total width of the road and the consequent use of land. With two lanes and a service road in both directions, the width of the original road - 8.1 metres - was increased to 42. There have also been accusations that slag from the Son Reus incinerator has been used and that this poses a risk to aquifers in the area. The Council has alway denied this.