na Burguesa Viewpoint, Gènova. | Teresa Ayuga


New access restrictions are being implemented at the na Burguesa viewpoint in Gènova to curb degradation caused by the excessive number of cars and people visiting the area.

On Wednesday, Emaya President, Ramon Perpinyà, and Mobility Councillor, Francesc Dalmau, met with representatives of the Bishopric of Mallorca, the parish of Genoa and the Associació de Veïns of Gènova Sa Rota to decide what measures to take "to curb overcrowding and the accumulation of waste around the na Burguesa viewpoint" which is owned by the Church.

Emaya and the Bishopric organised a clean-up action with volunteers from the Residents' Association and the Rotary Club of Palma last December and they collected 700 kilos of waste.

"Debris from bottles, plastics and other materials continues to accumulate at the viewpoint and on the road and the situation has been aggravated by illegal drinking at sunset,” said Cort on Thursday. "The proliferation of vehicles accessing this area, especially on weekends, is causing parking problems and making it difficult to access the narrow, degraded road.”

Municipal representatives, local residents and the Bishopric of Mallorca have agreed measures to conserve the area and the monument to the Virgin.

Mobilitat has advised the Bishopric on measures to regulate traffic and an appeal has been launched to stop illegal drinking and persuade people visit the viewpoint on foot.


Residents of na Burguesa have complained that they’re being forced to deal with noise, dirt and an excessive number of cars every day, even when there’s a 22:00 curfew.

Genoa Sa Rota Neighbours Association Vice-President, Santiago Menéndez admits the situation is worrying and is demanding that the Local Police impose fines on those who are drinking illegally in the area.