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Vaccinated Britons Could Spend More Than £10 Billion If Spain Introduces Vaccine Passport Scheme For Summer 2021

New analysis has revealed Spain could be set for a cash boost of more than £10 billion from Britons desperate to return to their favourite holiday destination.

While travel is still banned for the UK, if restrictions allow vaccinated holidaymakers to visit Spain, data shows Brits could spend more than £10,882,093,347 in the country this year.

The prediction is based off of analysis by travel health experts Practio who analysed 10 years of historic Office for National Statistics data, looking at every single trip made out of the country by UK citizens and where they were heading.

Using the in-depth analysis, researchers have been able to forecast the monumental impact adopting a vaccine certificate scheme could have on the tourism industry in Spain.

The data predicted the amount Brits were due to spend in Spain in 2021 as more than £10 billion, but with holidays mostly cancelled in 2020, that number could be significantly higher if the country presses ahead with plans to allow Brits ahead of other countries.

Forecasts predicted 16.9 million visits to the country in 2021 by Brits, a number which could be eclipsed after not accounting for the pandemic and cancelled travel in 2020. The data shows Brits are expected to spend an average of £645 per visit.

Commenting on the research, Dr Jonas Nilsen, managing director and co-founder of Practio said: “We wanted to pull this exhaustive research together to understand UK travel trends over the past ten years, but also to give us an idea of what this means for travel in the future. Travel was mostly out of the question in 2020 and many of us are hoping for its return in 2021. By predicting future trends, we can better equip travellers and businesses that thrive off tourism by helping them to prepare for what's to come and how they can make the most of Brits’ travel habits."