There are normally around a thousand fines for speeding a month. | Teresa Ayuga

In a typical year, an average of around 1,000 speeding tickets per month are issued in Palma, and the road which attracts the most is Camí dels Reis.

In 2019 there were 12,878 fines in all. Of these, 1,161 were for speeding on Camí dels Reis. The second most, 988, were on Camí de Jesús, with 626 having been on the Carretera Esporles.

Roads with a 50 kilometre per hour limit attracted just over 60% of all fines - 8,007. Seventy of these were for travelling between 91 and 100 km/h; in fifteen cases, the speed was in excess of 100 km/h.

For roads with a 40 limit, there were 3,615 fines; for 30 km/h, 637; 60 km/h, 613; for 70 km/h, six fines.

There was a significant fall in the number of fines last year because of the restrictions on mobility. The total was 8,187. From March to May there were hardly any fines because of the lockdown; in April there weren't any. In August there were just 99.

Camí dels Reis still attracted the most fines - 759 - followed by the Paseo Marítimo with 484 and the Calle Manacor, 455. Around 50% of the fines were for 50 km/h roads (4,131). For 40 km/h roads there were 3,579 fines, nine of which were for exceeding 100 km/h. In third place were 60 km/h roads (298 fines), followed by 30 km/h (176) and 70 km/h (three).