AstraZeneca Vaccine.

AstraZeneca Vaccine.


The European Medicines Agency, or EMA has declared the AstraZeneca vaccine “safe and effective" and immunisations will resume in the Balearic Islands on Wednesday, March 24, according to Health Minister, Patricia Gómez.

She also said that people who are under 55 will receive a call on Tuesday to let them know when to turn up for their jab.

Minister Gómez explained that there will be no AstraZeneca vaccinations over the weekend to give the Public Health Commission time to review the EMA's findings and decide whether any specific group should be excluded. The final decision will be made at an extraordinary Inter-territorial Council meeting on Monday.

An EMA Spokesperson stressed that the drug is safe and effective, its benefits outweigh the risks and in general, it does not increase the possibility of blood clots.


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Pedro / Hace 10 months

For a few reasons, I would prefer to not have the AZ shots, but many don't mind. So why are we not getting on with it today or at least over the weekend?


Zoe / Hace 10 months

The fact that song and dance was made about this vaccine was purely political has become more and more apparent. The fact that EMA had approved the vaccine but still the EU mandarins who are without any medical knowledge had “to make a decision” about it shows how Politic has impacted this whole fiasco. Sadly this is going to put off some from getting the vaccine and gives ammunition to Anti Vax groups.


Brett Dennis / Hace 10 months

Why the pretence that Health Commission has to REVIEW the EMA 's findings and will decide on Monday. They have the assurance, so their delay can only be political.