There will be surfacing of an “ecological” nature. | Andrew Ede

In July last year, there was a protest by residents of the Son March area of Pollensa.

This is along the old road from Pollensa to Lluc. The protest was because of the appalling condition of the road.

At the time of the protest it was said that if this wasn’t remedied by the end of September, there would a formal “denuncia” of the Council of Mallorca.

Come forward a few months and there was a further protest earlier this week. The IB3 broadcaster was invited to go along and hear the complaints.

The road is in such a bad way that it is almost impassable in part. After the protest in July, the Council said that improvements would be made.

They haven’t been, and when residents contact either the town hall or the Council, they are referred to the other.

Mayor Cifre said in July that if the Council didn’t do anything, then the town hall would, but then the road isn’t actually the town hall’s responsibility.

Part of the problem, or so it would appear, is how this road is categorised. It’s known as the Carretera Vella Lluc-Pollença (the old main road).

As a “carretera”, it is up to the Council of Mallorca to maintain it. Cifre stated last July that it has “never ceased to be a carretera”.

Why, therefore, wasn’t the Council doing something about it? Nevertheless, some arcane classification to do with a protected area meant that it couldn’t be surfaced in the way that residents were seeking.

Anyway, a solution is now finally in sight. On Monday, representatives from the Council will descend on Pollensa town hall.

President Catalina Cladera, the councillor for sustainability and the environment, Aurora Ribot, and the director for the environment, Pep Manchado, will present a project for improvement.

Manchado says that a “favourable” report has been given. There will be surfacing of an “ecological” nature.

The residents and town hall are about to find out what that means.