Certain single-use plastic products are now outlawed. | Archive

The ban on disposable plastics in the Balearics came into force on Saturday. The sale, distribution and use of disposable plastic products is therefore prohibited, specific articles of the legislation on waste and contaminated soil now applying to the products such as plates, cutlery, cups, trays and rings for holding together cans of drink. Some single-use items in accordance with health criteria are still permitted and will be for as long as the state of alarm lasts.

Environment minister Miquel Mir says that the law lays the foundations for "a more sustainable model, by which disposable plastics are a thing of the past". "The Balearic Islands are a pioneer in Spain and in Europe in terms of a change in waste management. A change in mentality and living that has to come from all sectors in adapting the regulations."

Some fifty inspectors from the consumer affairs, trade and tourism directorates have been trained so that they can monitor compliance. Mir stresses that the entrance into force of the articles is not to raise revenue from fines but to ensure compliance with the regulations.