Tourists arriving at the Robinson Club Cala Serena in Mallorca

Tourists arriving at the Robinson Club Cala Serena.

20-03-2021Gori Vicens

Rain, wind and a temperature of ten degrees greeted the first guests at the Robinson Club Cala Serena on Saturday. They were primarily German tourists, glad to have been able to travel to the island and hopeful of the sun coming out soon and taking a dip in the pool or the sea.

Over the weekend, the complex will have some 200 guests. Over the coming days the number will increase. For Easter week, 450 are expected - equivalent to 75% occupancy.

Managed by Tui, around 200 employees are in place; this number will also rise, as more guests arrive. The director, Tina Gruenold, expressed her satisfaction at being able to resume activity "with very strict measures". "All the staff have had PCRs, and all the guests come with PCRs. Even for residents of the island, it is mandatory that they have had a PCR or antigen test. This way, we are all safer. We also have very strict rules regarding disinfection, the wearing of masks and social distancing. Hopefully, everything will soon get better for everyone. I think we have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

There was a welcome for the tourists from the mayor of Felanitx, Jaume Monserrat, and other councillors as well as from the minister for the presidency, Mercedes Garrido, who is from Felanitx.


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Johnf / Hace 10 months

Send them back home if you want tourist later this year or you will have nothing this year


Demir / Hace 10 months

Jus as we had gotten used to the peace and quiet.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 10 months

Outrageous, and an Kamikazi act by the government simply to appease the Hoteliers Federation once again. On the upside, hopefully the figures will soar again very soon as they did last year, and we'll have a ban on tourists again until we're all vaccinated, as it should be.


Mike / Hace 10 months

I cannot understand why on earth is the authorities allowing this to happen when Germany is on the brink of a 3rd wave of Coronavirus and Mallorca only has 3% of population fully vaccinated. This should never have been allowed to happen.


Martin / Hace 10 months

Here comes covid 🦠🦠🦠


John Paterson / Hace 10 months

I hope allowing tourists in for Easter doesn't cost us all our summer!!