A Ryanair Boeing 737 airplane takes off from the airport in Palma de Mallorca

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 airplane takes off from the airport in Palma de Mallorca.

25-03-2021Paul Hanna

Ryanair is planning 2,500 flights a week to, from, and across Spain this summer as it bets on a surge in demand for holidays even as infections rise across much of Europe.

Marketing director Dara Brady told a news conference on Wednesday that Europe's biggest low cost airline planned to operate 582 routes in, out of, and across Spain, including 48 new ones, in a sign of the expected surge in demand for trips.

Spain was the world's second-most visited country before the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We're seeing an increase in capacity versus what we would've seen last year (without the pandemic). Our domestic Spanish schedule is around 20% bigger than in previous years, and certainly bigger than last year," he said.

Although Ryanair has cut its overall passenger numbers forecast for this fiscal year to 26-30 million, it expects a pick up in the pace of Europe's vaccination campaign to allow for a "decent" summer.

At a separate news conference, Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said bookings from Germany and the United Kingdom had surged, and predicted Britons - likely to be Europe's most-vaccinated group come the summer - would holiday abroad.

Brady also said Ryanair would not appeal against a European Court of Justice decision that backed Spanish state aid worth 53 million euros to small airline Plus Ultra, and would instead focus on its appeal against Spain's larger aid package for Air Europa, which it considers discriminatory.

Asked about Germany's recent request that airlines arrange COVID-19 tests for German tourists returning from Spain's Balearic Islands, Brady said Ryanair would comply with all government regulations but that it shouldn't be airlines' responsibility to organise tests.

Spain on Wednesday said it would allow some travellers from Britain from March 30, although Britain's own ban on non-essential international travel makes any immediate revival of tourism unlikely.


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Stephen / Hace 10 months

Wake up there will be no tourist season this year in Majorca. Us Brits even with properties in the island and having both vaccinations will stay in the UK this year so as not to bring germs back home. Majorca has been sold down the river by the EU and Germany in particular.


Tom / Hace 10 months

Suggest CEO of Ryan air sends all Ryan planes available to Mallorca as he evidently likes to gamble with peoples live for financial corporate gain, irrelevant the risk. Parking might be a problem though. Dumping tourists left right and center, should be limited by governments....and is the easiest way to control the masses of people wanting to move around. appeals are useless as we all can see.


Majorca fan / Hace 10 months

Aer lingus moving USA flights transatlantic from Ireland to Manchester due to concerns on ability to operate and demand levels due to Covid infection levels. O Leary reliant on the British to rescue his business after his beloved EU screwed him over big time with allowing national airline subsidies he can’t get from Eire. Ireland reliant on U.K. again for open trade. Chickens and roost comes to mind. Jet2 much better carrier than Ryanair.


john / Hace 10 months

Good luck with that !!