Islands closed to the rest of Spain.

Islands closed to rest of the country.


The Balearics is now effectively sealed off from the rest of Spain. New restrictions came into force this afternoon for the Easter period which means that all but essential travel from the mainland is barred. Meanwhile, an estimated 250 flights from Germany are expected to arrive on the island over the Easter period.

Spanish tourists who were hoping to come to the island on holiday from the mainland are furious. "Why can the Germans go to Mallorca but we can´t," one Madrid resident told Spanish media.

The Balearic government does allow travel to neighbouring islands but has urged people to only do so if it is really necessary.


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Mav / Hace 10 months

Another tree huger playing the racist card she’s a joke


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 10 months

We shouldn't have tourists here until we're all vaccinated of course, everyone knows that. It's irrellavent whether visitors are vaccinated or tested or whatever, we are going to have an increase in new cases, and another lockdown here as a result. It will take much longer to get the numbers down again next time, and the cost will be unimaginable.....


Phil / Hace 10 months

Bonnie, stay in England, we don't need woke people with an IQ of a small child over here thanks.


Bonnie / Hace 10 months

Are some of these comments for rea? Bordering on racist and obscene. Are they not moderated? I agree that other nationalities shouldn’t be allowed in at present but. If the comments are from typical English in Mallorca then I’ll stay at home


Pedro / Hace 10 months

This very major cock-up which will result in disaster for us all (including the government) is what I would expect from Boris.


Frederick Graham / Hace 10 months

First of all . Mallorca is between a rock and a hard place, that will only get harder, they need money,in Scotland we can not travel out of our own area, and it is working .very few deaths and over half of the people with the JAB or as they say in Scotland “JAG” . We can’t come to Port De Soller and this is going to delay it even more and another “Wave” WILL hit Mallorca because of this. More Lock downs .


Juan love / Hace 10 months

Jen- Because they need the money.......? 🥴🥴🥴🥴

Maybe the Germs also spend far more than mainlands which is why they are the better choice?


Mark / Hace 10 months

Spain should have spanexit the eu is dead in more ways than one 🦠the Germans tried too conquer Europe twice before and now you just let them walk in the champelesse is lined with trees so the Germans can March in the shade


Tony Silver / Hace 10 months

The UK are vaccinating over 500,000 people a day. The UK Govt gave Oxford University £60m to develop a vaccine with Astra Zeneca. They also bought supplies from Pfizer and Modena. Why haven’t Europe followed suit? The Germans are happy to go to Majorca unvaccinated, but we couldn’t go to Germany in the same way, not that we’d want to. Double standards? Maybe Brexit wasn’t so bad? Maybe Spain will follow our lead? I can’t take the risk of coming back to our happy place island, until Mallorca stops anyone without a vacation from entering. The UK could help vaccinate the whole population of Mallorca in a week! This is crazy.


Timbo / Hace 10 months

Armengol lost the moral high ground when she went to a late night bar, and so has the whole Government with their latest ill considered decisions to allow in tourists. The issue for locals will be accepting not only continued lockdown but further enforced protective measures to safeguard the hoteliers for the summer. Maybe we should use Boris's words, they can go whistle!