Sun worshippers now need to wear a mask while sun bathing. | Joan Llado


The Balearics will protest against the mandatory wearing of face masks at beaches and swimming pools at today’s Inter-territorial Health Council meeting and make it clear to Madrid that face coverings are not necessary when sunbathing.

Beach face mask law, Palma.

Face masks are mandatory in all public spaces, regardless of social distance and the beach rule was apparently included in the Decree Law that was approved after the State of Alarm in June last year. but was not activated until now.

"The law must be complied with, but if they give us a margin, we will exercise it," said Health Minister, Patricia Gómez.

Wearing face masks on the beach

In the meantime, anyone caught on the beach without a face mask will be fined 100 euros.

German Tour Operators and hoteliers in Mallorca reacted with surprise to the new law .

"We no longer know what criteria to act on or what to say to tourists who want to come on holiday to Mallorca,” they said.

"Tourists will come to Mallorca whether they have to wear a mask on the beach or not, because Germany is also also forcing everyone to wear a mask in public places," insist Business owners and Tourist Groups.

“Although we don't understand the reason for it, especially on the beach, we hope that the health measures will help us to have a summer season,” said Mallorca’s Hotel Associations, “but the problem will be exacerbated if a mask is required on the beach in July and August.”

Civil Service Minister, Mercedes Garrido said it's important to comply with the regulations, that surveillance will be stepped up over Easter and that sanctions will be imposed for breaking the rules.

"Special attention will be paid to areas where data shows a higher frequency of non-compliance," she said.

More Police and Security forces will be deployed to tourist areas from today and they'll also be checking the common areas of hotels and bar and restaurant terraces to make sure that the restrictions are strictly adhered to.

Minister Gómez said the strict measures for social gathering will be in place until Sunday April 11.

Only those living in the same house can socialise together in private spaces indoors or outdoors.

"Hotel rooms and vacation homes are also considered private spaces," warned Minister Gómez.

A maximum of 6 people from two homes are allowed to meet in public spaces, but only 4 people can eat and drink together on bar and restaurant terraces in Mallorca and Ibiza.

Drinking is banned in parks, plazas, car parks and all other public spaces.