Supply Trucks in Palma Port. | Ultima Hora


Shipping companies have been playing catch up since thousands of German tourists started arriving in Mallorca for Easter.

Baleària and Trasmediterránea have been forced to add extra ships to accommodate more trucks bringing much needed supplies to Mallorca.

"Demand for goods in the run up to Easter has exceeded all expectations and the ships are full. Every day there are trucks that can’t board in Valencia and Barcelona because the ships don’t have enough cargo space,” said Ezequiel Horrach, President of the Federation of Transport de Mercancías of Mallorca-CAEB who says "the excess-demand for Easter will end on April 12."

Suez Canal

The ‘Ever Green’ container ship that was stranded in the Suez Canal could affect Carriers in Spain.

“It’s too early to know what the impact will be, but it might affect the traffic of goods to Palma in some way,” said Horrach.

"What happened in the Suez Canal will affect the traffic of products in containers from Asian countries.” said Antoni Mercant, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Navigation. “The mega-container ships come from Asia and they call at several Spanish ports, including Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona. They also come to Palma sporadically with products from China.

“The delivery of some products and industrial supplies for companies will be delayed and that will affect the supply chain, particularly in Mallorca,” explained Merchant.

Puertos del Estado, which Balearic ports in the APB depend on, has told all port authorities to make sure the maximum facilities are available.

“They need to expedite the distribution of containers arriving in Valencia or Barcelona for shipment to Palma via Baleària and Trasmediterránea,” added Merchant. “We are in a containerised world, therefore when the shipping flow is interrupted, the impact is immediate and delivery times for some products for Mallorca may not be met until traffic in the Mediterranean is normalised."