'100 Formulas de Salsas' booklet. | Ultima Hora


The recipe booklet, ’100 Formulas de Salsas’ was written under the pseudonym, Mademoiselle Rose and published in Madrid by Saturnino Calleja.

Several editions of the booklet were printed between 1896 and 1915, and cost 50 cents, but its so popular that copies of ’100 Formulas de Salsas’ are now selling for €7.00-€7.50 depending on condition.

The booklet has 157 pages, is barely 12 centimetres thick and is read more often than great works, such as El Quijote or El Cantar del Mío Cid.

The booklet contains 100 mouthwatering sauce recipes to go with meat, vegetables and fish, with concise instructions that are easy to understand even for inexperienced cooks.

"No country has as high a degree as ours in the art of varying the condiments of sauces, which give our kitchen dishes a particularly delicate taste,” boasts the book, which contains recipes for two of the most popular sauces in Mallorca, mayonnaise and aioli.

"Mayonnaise is used with roasted birds, fish and vegetables; alioli is used in many Provencal stews, and can accompany all cooked meats and fish,” explains the author.

No doubt there will be quite a few people reaching for Madamoiselle Rose's ’100 Formulas de Salsas’ during the Easter Holidays, which can also be downloaded from the National Library website.