Progreso en Verde is demanding an end to the buggies. | Jaume Morey


The Progreso en Verde animal-rights political party in the Balearics is calling for the European Union to end the exploitation of horses. The party has sent letters to the European Parliament and the European Court, drawing attention to exploitation of horses that "has the approval of institutions".

The president of Progreso en Verde, Guillermo Amengual, says that Spain's image in terms of the protection of animals is "shameful in capital letters". In Mallorca, he adds, the situation is worse. Those in charge of horse-drawn buggies "breach bylaws, regulations and law without consequence". "The administrations fail to comply. We have political parties who allow, approve and whitewash the exploitation of horses."

Progreso en Verde is stressing that it will use all possible means to end the exploitation of horses.