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Join a wine community: Dan and Emelie Marsh and Ses Rotes

The wine community holds events all year round, and asks its members to get involved with bottling the wine, picking the grapes and everything in between, there’s always a glass or two of wine to be enjoyed and quite frequently a large communal paella to tuck into.

Vicki McLeod15/04/2024 08:22

Protest in Palma

Calls for an end to horse-drawn carriages

Protest against horse-drawn carriages in Mallorca

Horses must not work during extreme heat

25/07/2021 11:12

Horse-drawn carriage in Palma, Mallorca

Horse-drawn carriage in Palma, Mallorca

Progreso en Verde is demanding an end to the buggies.

Jaume Morey 02/04/2021