The last bullfight in Inca was in October 2019. | Pilar Pellicer

Tauroemoción, a company based in Madrid which promotes and manages bullfights in Spain, has signed an agreement with the owners of the bullring in Inca to stage bullfights for the next five years.

The executive director of Tauroemoción, Alberto García, says that as soon as health regulations allow, Manuel Diáz 'El Cordobés' will be among the first of the bullfighters to come to Inca. He is the son of the original 'El Cordobés'. "We want to recover the splendour and the bullfighting following that have been traditional of Inca."

There has traditionally always been a bullfight for the fiestas of patron saints Abdon and Senen in late-July, but not in recent years. The last bullfight staged in Inca was in October 2019.

The Balearic government of PSOE and Més with the support of Podemos drafted legislation to ban bullfighting in the Balearics. However, this was dropped when the Constitutional Court in Madrid ruled that the ban in Catalonia, which had come in some years previously, was unconstitutional. The Balearic government realised that its law would also be ruled unconstitutional and so drafted and passed different legislation.

This revised law, the so-called Ley de Toros, contained provisions designed to make the staging of bullfights untenable. One of these was that bulls could not be killed. This legislation was referred to the Constitutional Court by the Spanish government on the grounds that it was an invasion of powers. In December 2018, the Constitutional Court annulled many of the provisions of the Balearic law.

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