Bar terrace in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

Bars are unlikely to be able to reopen their interiors for at least another couple of weeks.

05-04-2021Pilar Pellicer

The Arema Mallorca Restaurants Association has drawn attention to the case of a Palma restaurant proprietor whose account has been embargoed by the Tax Agency.

The notice on social media describes the Tax Agency's action as "extortion". Referring to the obstacles to being able to function as a business, the notice explains that a request had been made to postpone payment of the last quarter's taxes - "we couldn't pay the taxes on time". This was denied and the account was embargoed.

It goes on to explain that over the year of the pandemic, income has been one-third of normal; that there have been regular inspections by the tourism ministry (all passed satisfactorily); that there has been an inspection by the employment ministry (passed satisfactorily); that there have been two inspections by the health ministry (passed satisfactorily). Payments for social security, insurance, rent, etc. have been made.

"It's not that we are against the measures to alleviate the pandemic. We are against a Spanish government and its respective regional governments that only worry about collecting (tax) without providing solutions so that business do not go bankrupt."

The association believes that this case "is just the tip of the iceberg" and calls on the Balearic government to "stop banning". Restaurants should not have to pay because of the "lack of vaccination".


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Colin Allcars / Hace 10 months

This is unbelievable.

That in 2021, during a pandemic of historical proportions, a nation could enable a government agency to persecute and destroy a working family solely to show who is the boss is beyond contempt.

Actions such as this are triggers for civil unrest that can easily snowball into revolutionary movements. For the sake of sanity, someone needs to show some form of compassion and understanding while the nation of Spain still exists!