The association is asking to open the interiors once again. | P. BOTA


The Pimem restaurants association says that extending the closure of bar and restaurant interiors "would be a wrong decision and totally unfounded from a health point of view".

The association within the federation of small to medium-sized businesses stated on Wednesday that "we express our strongest opposition to the extension of restrictions imposed on our sector by the Balearic government". In the association's opinion, "these are the result of purely political positions and decisions".

It is noted that whereas bars and restaurants have had to cope with restrictions in the Balearics, in other regions they have not been subject to the same level of restrictions. The association also draws attention to the different treatment for hotels, where guests can use interior spaces for lunch and dinner. Questioning the legality of this different situation, the association has demanded "the same conditions that apply to dining rooms in the hotel sector".

The government, Pimem adds, wants to evaluate the results of Easter, and so it intends closing restaurant interiors and not closing hotel interiors - "further aggravating discrimination against our sector".

Businesses and workers face an "increasingly uncertain future", as the government is "incapable of generating the slightest glimmer of confidence through its policies and decisions".

Criticising a "total lack of dialogue", Pimem believes that the social dialogue table is a forum "without the possibility of real debate". "It is more of a photo opportunity than a real negotiation, without the possibility of modifications, where one party decides unilaterally and hopes that the others comply and submit. We reject any measure that the social dialogue table adopts so long as we do not perceive a real will to jointly solved shared challenges."