PCR tests on site.

PCR tests on site.

12-04-2021PHIL NOBLE

The Mallorcan hotel chain, Viva, will be offering PCR tests on site as they prepare to open their Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa hotel at the end of this month and the rural hotel, Son Jaumell in May.

Both hotels have their own medical centres where tourists can get their tests. Both Britain and Germany are expected to demand negative PCR tests for returning tourists.

Viva said in a statement that they wanted to ensure that tourists could enjoy a safe holiday on the island.


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jen / Hace 9 months

Well I for one can not work out what Spain is doing and thinking. Do they want tourists or not? One would think the vaccinated tourists would be better/safer. The Spanish government think not? Play political football with their own citizens. Disgraceful!


JohnG / Hace 9 months

Mike R

Yes, I voted out. Sure Mallorca created an atmosphere of anti Tourism a few years ago.....

My deceased mother once said.....

" Don't say anything with your voice or do anything with your hands that will bite your arse in the future "

Well Mallorca, you did both and now pay the price. Hopefully the average ordinary family of your island will transgress this disease and survive

PLUS Herr. Armengol will set aside her Dictatorship and allow a more radical Government fit to ride out this Covid issue

Perhaps she may get a job in an out of hours bar ?

A Euro is a Euro..... Wherever it comes from, so Mallorca, you now have to fight for it


Mike R / Hace 9 months


Your little Englander Brexit fanaticism is showing.


JohnG / Hace 9 months

Mallorca has vaccinated circa 5% of a population of 920,000. The UK, now a third Country, has vaccinated 50% of a population of 68,000,000. In a recent previous post, it is noted that the Eurocrat cockroaches have come scuttering out from the plaster cracks around door frames just because they didn’t get their own way? Also I thought the grape harvest was usually in Autumn? However, the sour grape harvest can occur when any particular individual so desires


john / Hace 9 months

What is * in Mallorca

* Excess mortality!

The excess mortality!

The excess mortality!

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The excess mortality!


James w / Hace 9 months

What's the most worrying is how people have been brainwashed by a virus that kills the old a frail and think the vaccine is the road to freedom. I didn't expect most of the world to fall for it. People just prepared to give up there human rights and freedoms. Who are the idiots I see driving in there cars, on there own masked up. These people need physciatric help.


Stephen / Hace 9 months

They still don’t get it because of financial greed.UK tourists will NOT be returning to Majorca until 2022 or until Majorca and the EU catch up with UK vaccination levels. Even those of us with properties in Majorca will not be returning as we don’t want to bring the UK, despite most of us having been fully vaccinated. It beggars belief that Armegol is welcoming Germany tourists when that country is going into at least a month of full lockdown. Majorca you need a new government of honest politicians.


James / Hace 9 months

Tourists have a safe holiday on the island ? Well that's fine then, fuck the local population, - what do we care if they're vaccinated or not....


Lisa / Hace 9 months

Sadly, if hotel workers and the general population aren’t vaccinated - ‘safe’ holidays aren’t on the menu.

Well, not ‘safe’ for everyone.