The 60-69 and 70-79 age groups are being vaccinated now. | Govern de les Illes Balears

The Balearics will this week receive 35,530 doses of vaccine, including 3,600 Janssen vaccines. The vaccination will this week focus on people in the 70-79 age group and people on hemodialysis.

The health minister, Patricia Gómez, stated that 220,321 doses of vaccine have so far been administered. Of the 70-79 age group - a total of 83,209 people - 11,592 have so far received one dose. The vaccination of the 60-69 age group will continue. There are 116,146 people in all; 28,538 have to date received one dose.

Among the over-80s, 41,700 people (82.25% of the total) have been vaccinated once and 18,413 have been given two doses.

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Gómez anticipated that the online appointment system, Bitcita, will be operational from Friday this week. It will reject any requests for appointments from people who are not among groups scheduled for vaccination. Bitcita will be combined with the system by which IB-Salut phone people to make appointments. Thirty people are currently engaged in making these calls. Gómez repeated the request for people not to phone the health service to try and make an appointment.

The minister was asked on Monday about people refusing to have the AstraZeneca vaccine. She said that while some people have missed appointments, this didn't mean that they had done so for this reason. On Sunday, three people did not attend the centre in Inca. Two missed appointments in Manacor, and there were sixteen at Son Dureta.

She highlighted the importance of vaccination by referring to the situation in care homes, where there were thirty deaths in January and ten in February. There haven't been any since February, while 37 days have passed with no new cases of the virus. Gómez added that consideration is now being given to relaxing measures in centres for the elderly. "These need to be reviewed, taking into account the percentages of the vaccinated population."