Bar closing in Menorca.

Early closing and no customers inside.

13-04-2021Gemma Andreu

Bar and restaurant restrictive measures "will be maintained as long as they are necessary in order to allow a slow de-escalation". So said President Armengol in parliament on Tuesday in response to a demand from Jorge Campos of Vox that interiors should be opened, including in the evening. Campos argued that the current restrictions lead to a "proliferation of illegal parties".

Armengol stressed that the government's roadmap is firstly to prevent infections and save lives and then to reactivate the economy. "A slow de-escalation is necessary in accordance with the criteria of the Infectious Diseases Committee."

"It is no coincidence," the president continued, "that the Balearic Islands have the second lowest cumulative incidence in Spain". "It is no coincidence that this is the territory with the least mortality due to the pandemic in the whole of Europe. It is not a coincidence that at present we have hospitals with fewest intensive care unit patients."


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Ryan / Hace 10 months

What!!! You have minimal patients in the ICU, the hospitals are not under any form of strain why these restrictions still in place. Open things up, let the vulnerable get vaccinated that's it.. stop fear mongering society and let people be responsible for their own health and love their lives.