Palma Mayor, José Hila, Balearic President, Francina Armengol & Marc Pons at presentation of Son Espouses Hospital tram project at Consolat de la Mar. archive photo. | M.À. Cañellas


The Son Espases Hospital tram project has run into unexpected difficulties. A report from Medi Ambient Technicians suggests a number of changes which include restricting the route to one-way around Carrer d’Eusebi Estada and Carrer de la Concòrdia to ensure pedestrian accessibility.

But the most serious problem is a harsh report that Palma City Council has forwarded to the Environment Commission asking the Government to reconsider the project and claiming that it's not justified.

"It is requested to reconsider the need for this tram line connecting Plaça d'España with Son Espases Hospital," states the report from the Office of General Plan & Model of Ciutat.


The Government has presented six different route proposals to connect Plaça d'España with Son Espases Hospital and Palma City Council doesn't agree with any of them, but its report does state that it would support a bus link if the train route was redeveloped in parallel.

Demand for a tram route is scarce and insufficient to justify a high-capacity transport line" states the report, adding that, if the Government​​ continues with the project, "this section must be framed within a more ambitious tram service that serves other neighbourhoods. Cort is proposing that the tram continue its route along Camí del Reis to Son Rapinya.

Palma City Council insists that a mobility report be carried out to study the tram's effect on traffic in the city and calls for a solution to the loss of 210 parking spaces. The Council also agrees with the Environment Commission that the tram should be one-way in the area of Carrer d’Eusebi Estada and Carrer de la Concòrdia to ensure pedestrian accessibility.

"It is inadmissible to reduce the width of pavements that are no longer accessible," Cort said and demanded that the siding be moved away from narrower streets. It also stressed that if the Government goes ahead with the tram proposal, it should be a one-way route to Son Hugo.

Free Parking

Palma City Council’s report calls for the elimination of free parking at Son Espases Hospital to encourage people to use public transport instead of private vehicles.

The Environment Commission pointed out that eliminating free parking will be detrimental to hospital workers and patients who travel from the Part Forana.