Four of the traders who want to relocate to Plaça Espanya. | Roberto León

Palma town hall has "totally ruled out" there being an artisans' market in Plaça Espanya.

A group of artisans, with the assistance of the Ambcor cooperative, has asked the town hall about having a market in what is the city's busiest square. They say that there has been no response, but sources at the town hall have confirmed that there will not be a market.

The town hall's justification is that these markets cause a great deal of noise and inconvenience to residents. In addition, stalls in what is a place with high numbers of pedestrians would be an inconvenience. Existing stallholders in the square say that they would have no issue with sharing space, which is what happens over the Christmas period, but the town hall is opposed and is currently finalising arrangements for the artisan markets to open in May or June at their traditional locations of Hort del Rei and Passeig Sagrera; the one in Plaça Major is already functioning.

The artisans seeking the relocation point to a 90% decrease in income because of the absence of tourism. Hort del Rei and Passeig Sagrera have been getting hardly any visitors, hence the proposal to move to busier locations like Plaça Espanya or Las Ramblas.

They are getting 400 euros a month aid but still have to pay 308 euros a month self-employment contributions. As a result, there are artisans who are relying on social services for basic needs. They don't get any ERTE furlough payments and they are accruing debts.