Palma in January, with bars closed. | Europa Press (Isaac Buj)


According to the latest Labour Force Survey, there were 116,800 unemployed in the Balearics in the first quarter of 2021. This was 4.36% higher than the January-March period of 2020 - 4,900 more unemployed.

Compared with the last quarter of 2020, unemployment rose by 7,000 (6.3%); 61,800 of the unemployed were women. The unemployment rate stood at 18.8%, six tenths higher than last year and above the national figure of 15.98%; the male unemployment rate was 16.91% and the female 21.06%.

As to youth unemployment, 10.6% of the unemployed were under the age of 25 - 12,400. This figure compared with 16,500 in the first quarter of 2020. The youth unemployment rate was 39.5%. Long-term unemployment has gone up 73% in one year - from 26,600 to 46,000. Of these, 19,500 have been unemployed for two years or more.

In the services sector there were 55,400 unemployed. The second highest category - 53,100 - comprised those seeking their first job or having left their previous job more than a year ago.

Over the course of the year, the population of 16 and over increased by 0.87% (8,800 more people) to 1,028,400. Of these, 618,800 were active in the labour market and 502,000 were employed.