There was a rise in hospitality employment in April. | Europa Press

In April, unemployment in the Balearics rose 13.13%. This was the highest year-on-year increase in the country. There were 82,066 unemployed, 9,524 more than in April 2020. More positively, there was a fall in unemployment of 1.1% (922 fewer people) compared with March; this was above the national figure of a 0.99% decrease.

There were 431,026 people registered with social security in April - 29,824 fewer than April 2020. Compared with March there was a 2.75% rise (11,525 workers). Almost seven per cent of those on the social security registry, 29,894 people, were on ERTE furlough terms.

Nationally, unemployment was 3,910,628. There was a fall of 39,102 compared with March, but the year-on-year comparison gives an increase of 79,425. All sectors created net employment in April, with services leading the way (99,404), followed by agriculture (13,483), construction (12,965) and industry (8,544). By specific activity, there were 40,548 more jobs in hospitality. As for ERTE, there was a decrease of 105,345 people on furlough terms. The total stood at 638,238.

Fourteen regions registered decreases in unemployment compared with March, the greatest having been Galicia with 9,941. All regions recorded additional numbers of people registered with social security (compared with March), with the strongest increases having been in the Balearics, Murcia, Navarre and Extremadura.