Calle Fideus.

Residents in Palma's historic centre are angered by town hall intentions to go ahead with the pedestrianisation of certain streets. The town hall, they say, has not paid any attention to their arguments.

Luis Clara, president of the Veïns de la Seu association (Cathedral residents), says that it is like it always is. "They roll out their plans without listening to the residents."

In the Santa Eulàlia area, where there isn't a constituted residents association, the view is that the town hall is continuing with a project without taking residents' needs into account. This speaks volumes for "the distance between political representatives and the citizens". "Worst of all is the fact that political parties which say they are of the people, do not talk to them or understand what has been wanted for a long time: the type of neighbourhoods we want and to truly protect."

The streets are: Pes des Formatge, Fideus, Minyones and part of Peraires.