Weather forecast for the Balearic Islands for Friday, May 7. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

These are today's minimum temperatures registered on the island.

Palma is 24 degrees and foggy at the beginning an the end of the day, but there’s lots of sunshine sandwiched in the middle and the low is 12.

It’s 23 degrees and a gorgeous sunny day in Estellencs with a light breeze and an overnight temperature of 15.

Llucmajor is 26 degrees with wall to wall sunshine, a mild wind and a high of 26 degrees dropping to 15 after dark.

It’s hot and sunny in Selva with a mild southern winds, a top temperature of 27 degrees and a low of 12.

Valldemossa is 23 degrees with sunshine all day long, a bit of a breeze and an overnight low of 13.

Check the weather forecast for the next couple of days below.

Four day forecast on the Balearic Islands