The chief prosecutor, Bartolomé Barceló. | Pere Bota

The Balearic High Court's ruling that will allow the curfew to continue until at least May 23 has led the spokesperson for Vox, Jorge Campos, to announce that his party will appeal the government's decree for measures to be adopted after the state of alarm ends on Sunday.

Vox are not alone in this regard. The Prosecutor's Office in the Balearics is studying its own appeal. The head of the prosecution service, Bartolomé Barceló, says that his office needs to examine the arguments of the court, as the legal basis for its ruling is not known yet.

Stressing respect for judicial decisions - "it cannot be otherwise" - Barceló has confined himself to referring to the possibility of an appeal without publicly "evaluating or criticising" the High Court's ruling.

The Prosecutor's Office has maintained that certain measures (not all of them) could represent a violation of fundamental rights and that only a state of alarm provides the legal umbrella for the likes of a curfew.