Back to normal.

Back to normal.


If all goes according to plan and there is no big rise in cases, life could be almost back to normal in the Balearics by next month, but the mask and social distancing is here to stay.

The government announced this morning that restrictions on bars and restaurants would be eased starting this weekend with bars and restaurants being able to stay open until 10.30p.m. starting on Sunday.

In 15 days time bars and restaurants will be able to open their interiors with limited capacity.

President Francina Armengol said: "everyone has to make sacrifices and set an example; bar and restaurant businesspeople in a special way. We have all made sacrifices and we all want this nightmare to end, but perhaps the greatest sacrifice has not being able to hug loved ones or that of health workers."


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Alejandra / Hace 8 months

@ JohnG. The only disease we have in Spain is the drunk british disease. No other nationality goes on holiday to get drunk or wasted on drugs then start fights or throw themselves of hotel balconies. Stay away from us, stay in your horrible little grey england and eat the greasy rubbish that you call food. The scum of the earth that are hated everywhere in the world are not wanted here, you're not house trained.


Lynn Gorman / Hace 8 months

We live in the Valencia region and have had the vaccination we want to visit our son and pregnant daughter in law, who live in Mallorca, will we need thePCR test or the antigen test?


Tom / Hace 8 months

If the government thinks social distancing and masks will stop a serious rebound in Corona on the Balearics while the same government wants to push and allow 1-2 million tourists to swamp the Balearics over the summer , then the same Balearic gover had better be prepared to put the islands back into lockdown and send all tourists overnight home again once Corona us bqck in full force ! Suggest government looks at whats hapoening on the Maldives to give oneself a preview of whats coming once any country allows mass uneccesary tourism to take place instead of controlled numbers of tourists . The only way to get any form if normality back in any country is getting everyone fully vaccinated! Nothing else has much use except isolation lockdown which wont work with a million tourists spening their homidays on a group of small islands .


JohnG / Hace 8 months

Ok.... an adverse comment to boot..... to all.... I’ll send my vacation money elsewhere this year. No doubt most of the UK will spend within the UK so a massive boost to the UK economy. Thanks Majorca for a useless attempt to attract us Brits to your shores... The result is negative and thanks... we do get some nice sun over here and we are almost COVID free unlike Spain and it’s satellite areas. Sort your issue out and we will come back... maybe 2022 or later as long as we assume we won’t be bringing back some of your disease into our Country


Alan / Hace 8 months

@Johno.Adeu, shithead to Gibraltar shithole. Made for you...


Alejandra / Hace 8 months

All the usual from whining Brits. What part of 'you're not wanted here' do you not understand ? What a bunch of clowns, learn to speak our language or sod off back to your miserable little britain.


Mike R / Hace 8 months

It was only last February that the MDB was telling us that tourism accounts for just 14% of Mallorca's GDP. In many ways, this island is still very much an agricultural economy - olives, vineyards, potatoes, almonds, etc. are all major exports. Even saffron and lavender!

Here in the Levant we are surrounded by pigs and sheep. The islanders are also very aware that almost 100% of all dairy produce comes exclusively from local Balearic milk.

Those that make serious money from tourism are the multi-national hotel groups, the local government through tourist taxes, and a MINORITY who work for minimum wage in the hospitality sector.


Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

Johno, who cares if u sell ur properties on Mallorca. Some German, Dutch, Belgian or Scandinavian will pick it up. Why do you Brits think that our lives depend on you? Enjoy Gibraltar!


Johng / Hace 8 months


Simple answer..... because she is a toole


Charlotte / Hace 8 months

Clearly it's not 'back to normal' if everyone is still forced to wear masks...