Javier Arranz prior to Monday's press conference. | Jaume Morey


Javier Arranz, the spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, said on Monday that Covid "has not gone on vacation". He was referring to scenes in various regions of the country overnight on Saturday; large crowds had gathered, as the curfew was lifted. "The stability of the pandemic," Arranz noted, "depends to a large extent on our behaviour".

The Monday 14-day cumulative incidence per 100,000 in the Balearics is 59.68; a little lower than a week ago, when it was 64.12. The situation on the islands, Arranz said, is stable. Minorca has experienced an increase in incidence, but outbreaks are controlled.

Given the data, restrictions will be lifted, but slowly. "We have learned not to remove them abruptly." Despite the improvement, "being free of Covid will be difficult". "We will have to get used to it being just another pathology."

Asked at the regular Monday press conference about the obligatory wearing of masks, Arranz didn't wish to offer a date as to when this obligation will be removed outdoors. "There is less risk of infection outdoors, and vaccination is also a factor, but I wouldn't dare put a date on this yet."