A hot summer.

A hot summer.

12-05-2021CATI CLADERA

Spain experienced its hottest year on record last year, the Environment Ministry said, a day after parliament passed a landmark bill to combat climate change.

In a year marked by extreme weather events and heatwaves, Spain's average temperature reached 14.8 degrees Celsius, according to the ministry, around 1.7 degrees hotter than the pre-industrial average, and above the 1.5 degree target for the world set out in the Paris agreement.

Some 76% of that increase has occurred in the last 60 years, the ministry said.
The findings echo recent studies by the European Union and the United Nations, which found last year was the hottest on record in Europe and among the top three warmest years globally.

Seven of the 10 hottest years in Spain occurred in the last decade, according to the report, which warned the average temperature could rise by as much as 5 degrees above pre-industrial average by the end of the century.

Concentrations of greenhouse gases also reached historic highs, despite a temporary reduction in emissions caused by measures to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, the ministry said.

Alongside three heatwaves - one of which was among the longest on record - Spain was hit by a barrage of extreme weather last year, including Storm Gloria, which left 13 dead and unleashed record rainfall on the Mediterranean coast in January.
"Extreme meteorological events of this type cost our country around 700 lives and 900 million euros a year," the ministry said.

After several years of parliamentary wrangling, lawmakers on Thursday passed Spain's first national climate-change law, which aims to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.
Criticised by left-wing parties as unambitious, the emissions reduction targets will be revised in 2023.

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Sayhi / Hace 8 months

Mark Badoer. I know where you live!


Amy / Hace 8 months

It somewhat detracts from Mark Badoer's claim of being superior, when he misspells the poster of the comments name twice. 🙈


Andy / Hace 8 months

@James T. Much better to have 12 toes than no brain.


Dave / Hace 8 months

Its been a while since BadBore has been on here spouting his nonsense. Glad to have you back, we have all missed our local village idiot.


TJ / Hace 8 months

Just basic manners, but that’s not expected off all, I’ve realised that most keyboard warriors on here come alive at night ..... hello James T


James T / Hace 8 months

Don't expect reasoned, logical responses here Mark. Half the people who read this have 12 toes!


Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

Sorry TJ, I didn't realise you are so sensitive. I am just allergic for fake news and misinformation. But this is the problem with social media, forums and comment items like we have here. Blink your eyes and (some) people actually believe it, even storm the Capitol because of it.


TJ / Hace 8 months

@Mark do you actually realise how you come across on your post.... like a bully, well done pal, hope it’s made your day !


Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

@Sahyi: do you actually realise the stupidity level of your post? So we had snow last month and you didn't think it was hot, so it must be fake news. People who actually measure these things with highly sophisticated weather instruments, must of course be wrong. My god, and people like Sahyi are allowed to vote and have offspring.


Adam / Hace 8 months

This whole deal really is Gotten completely out of control for sure we need to take better care of the planet we live on but come on people im not sure how many of you have visited places in Asia etc but they throw everything in the sea and even places like Mallorca are still pumping raw sewage into the sea and then they say it was an accident greta and her business friends are going to get rich from this , im going to keep doing as I've always done take care clean up put the rubbish in the correct place .