National Police raid Son Banya. | Policia Nacional

Nine men and five women aged between 21 and 59 have been arrested by the National Police in connection with the importing of cocaine and hashish into Mallorca. The arrests form part of 'Operation Cherry' and are the result of more than a year of investigations related to drug trafficking by different criminal organisations.

The fourteen people detained were involved with three separate gangs, which had created a form of "joint venture". They helped each other by dividing up logistics and supply roles based on the availability of drugs.

On March 5, one of the men was arrested as he was on the point of picking up a package containing three and a half kilos of high-purity cocaine and five kilos of hashish that had arrived in Mallorca though a parcel company. Five others were then detained and one of the three gangs was detected. It had a logistics base in Consell. Each of those arrested had specific functions, such as maintaining contacts with the other gangs.

A second gang was uncovered as a result of these initial investigations. Its leader was based in Barcelona, from where "significant amounts" of cocaine were being brought to Mallorca. His tight and trusted network included his son and ex-wife. On May 3, after police discovered where drugs were being stored, five people were arrested. Two properties were searched and some five kilos of cocaine and 40,000 euros were seized.

A connection was then found between the two gangs and a third in Son Banya in Palma. The investigation now centred on what was to have been the final destination of the drugs which had been seized. The Fefa clan was to be responsible for the sale of the drugs.

On May 18, three properties were searched. Two people were arrested and one kilo of cocaine as well as quantities of marijuana and heroin were seized. In addition, the Barcelona-based leader of the second gang was arrested in Palma.

Ten of those arrested are in custody and the police are not ruling out further arrests.