The Balearics have always lagged behind other regions. | Marcelo Sastre

The national ministry of health's latest figures show that 25,280,864 doses of vaccine have been administered in Spain since the start of the programme at the end of December. Of these, 517,739 have been administered in the Balearics, placing the islands fourteenth out of the seventeen regions and the two north African autonomous cities.

Sixteen per cent of the target population in the Balearics has been fully vaccinated, while 371,149 people have received at least one dose. Only Navarre, Cantabria, La Rioja, Ceuta and Melilla have administered fewer doses than the Balearics.

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The great majority of doses delivered to the Balearics have been Pfizer - 340,830. Of AstraZeneca, there have been 145,800; Moderna 54,800, Janssen 14,200. There have of course been issues, especially with AstraZeneca. These have meant changes of criteria for certain groups. Nevertheless, almost 90% of the target population aged 60 and over has been vaccinated at least once. But even this percentage has to be placed in context - only Ceuta and Melilla have lower percentages.

Europe-wide, Spain is currently sixth in terms of a completed vaccination regime (two doses). This ranking, which is compiled by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, indicates that Spain has improved from eleventh in mid-April. However, when it comes to first doses, Spain has dropped from seventh to twelfth.

The Spanish government's target is to immunise some 33 million people (70% of the population) by the end of August. At present, 36.2% of the population (17.19 million people) has had at least one dose, while 8,434,233 have been immunised with both doses. Some 25 million people therefore need to be immunised over the next three months.