See inside Airlander 10's luxury cabin interior, designed in partnership with Design Q. | Youtube: Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander

A British company is planning to launch airship flights between Mallorca and Barcelona in 2025.

Hybrid Air Vehicles, or HAV says it’s already obtained permission from the European Aviation Safety Agency to carry out passenger flights. It also has the backing of the British Government and secured EU subsidies before Brexit.

The company’s ecological airship, Airlander 10, has four combustion engines, which HAV plans to replace with electric engines and have a zero-emissions aircraft in service by 2030.

Airlander 10 interior.

The airship has space for 100 passengers and the journey between Barcelona and Mallorca will take 4 hours.

This is not a luxury product, it’s a practical solution to the challenges posed by the climate crisis,” said HAV CEO Tom Grundy, who likened the Airlander 10 to a fast ferry. “47% of regional flights connect cities that are less than 370 kilometres apart and emit a large amount of CO2. The Airlander 10 hybrid could make the same connections with 10% of the carbon footprint.”

Enaire says it’s not aware of the HAV project.

Airlander 10.