La gola. | Ajuntament de Pollença


A couple of months ago, I wrote about the ongoing failures with regard to the management of La Gola in Puerto Pollensa. Mayor Tomeu Cifre, having taken the Council of Majorca’s president, Catalina Cladera, to have a look around, followed that up by demanding co-management in order to tackle the “serious deterioration” of the park.

So, there was nothing new there, then. The Council, it should be stressed, has no responsibility for La Gola. Nevertheless, its not-sun-and-beach-tourism offer includes natural areas and the likes of ornithology. La Gola does, therefore, have a role to play in the Council’s grand scheme of tourism things.

Most people already thought that there was meant to be a co-management arrangement between the town hall and the government’s environment ministry (through the Ibanat agency). Cifre said that, from the town hall’s side, this went no further than the information centre, and he said this again earlier this week when the “joint commission” of town hall and ministry representatives gathered. The purpose: to chart a new roadmap for the management of La Gola.

There is to be a master plan to include security, the tidying-up of the forest area and the create of a recreational area, among other things. “Our goal is to carry out the necessary actions for the proper maintenance of a very important natural area of Pollensa and to ensure that this emblematic place with so much environment value can be enjoyed by residents and visitors.”

This time, the roadmap might actually lead somewhere and not come to a dead end of no one seeming to know who’s responsible for what or, if they do know, not living up to agreements.