The Costas, it can seem, have just got it in for Capellans. | MDB files


Three bars in Ses Casetes des Capellans at the far end of Playa de Muro look set to lose their terraces. The Costas Authority, which is keeping up its intention to impose a new maritime-terrestrial public domain limit which will affect the Ses Casetes cottages, has acted on the findings of a report from the regional environment ministry in turning down continued authorisations for the terraces.

These authorisations are renewed every four years, but reasons for not renewing them are the short distance between the bars and the presence of the dunes system. There is also the fact, not officially reflected as yet, that the Costas wants to impose a new public domain limit which will not only affect the bars but also 22 of the cottages.

Muro town hall has made submissions challenging the Costas decision on behalf of the bars - Can Gavella, Olimpia Opa & Oma, and Ponderosa Beach. If these are unsuccessful, the terraces will have to go, all of them having been set up for the summer and operating in accordance with Covid measures and the ISO 14001 standard for environmental performance.

Mayor Toni Serra says that the town hall’s legal services have drawn up the submissions but that getting the Costas to change their mind will be difficult. “
The Costas, it can seem, have just got it in for Capellans.