Cabrera National Park, Mallorca. | CAIB

Two of the three companies that offer boat trips to Cabrera have slammed Cabrera National Park’s new management as chaotic and criticised them for not having the online booking system up and running.

"On the first of June we started the season, but everything is so uncertain," said Joana Serra de Excursions to Cabrera S.L.

Mar Cabrera criticised the new management model which was approved in Parliament last year and predicted that changing the visitor regulations from 300 simultaneous people a day to 300 a day will be an economic disaster.

"We have been out of work for months because of the coronavirus pandemic and now visits are to be extremely limited," thundered Mar Cabrera.

Medi Ambient regulates Cabrera National Park and passengers must now book in advance and provide personal data and dates to obtain Government authorisation.

“Travellers only have two hours to book the trip with us, which is a very short time, especially when the system is not even in test mode; we are planing to start the season at the beginning of June but everything is still up in the air,” said the two companies.

Excursions to Cabrera S.L and Mar Cabrera are demanding that the Administration come up with a solution, so that they can start the tourist season with some guarantees.