Javier Arranz, Balearic spokesperson for infectious diseases

Javier Arranz, speaking on Tuesday.


Dr. Javier Arranz, spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, said on Tuesday that it was "quite reasonable" that the obligation to wear masks outdoors could be lifted this summer, "if everything continues as it is now".

Speaking at a press conference, Arranz reiterated that the wearing of masks is a national measure determined by the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System. As the vaccination programme progresses, he added, the public will be "more protected" and be able to begin to "free themselves" from certain restrictions.

However, he argued that, as well as tourism, it will be necessary to see what impact greater mobility at night will have, especially among the younger population. The effect of vaccination of the youngest age groups will also need to be assessed.

For now, there is a very stable situation. The seven-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is currently 17 cases per 100,000, the lowest of all the regions but higher than that of Ceuta.

The 14-day incidence rates are 40.2 in Mallorca, 28.2 in Minorca, 39.5 in Ibiza and 50.4 in Formentera. Cases in Minorca, Arranz noted, are "clearly" on the decrease. Otherwise, the general trend is that of a slowing-down of new cases.


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sayhi / Hace 8 months

move the goal posts, I remember it was get it under 150 not its below 20 and lets see what happens. This story gets worse and worse by the day. science follow the science... masks outdoors is proven they dont work. having kids wear masks is a crime. where is the science ? globally it's proven CDC/ WHO even have it on their websites. Not that I would give them any credibility.