Police in Palma, Mallorca

Police were out in force overnight.

05-06-2021Policia de Palma

Overnight on Friday, police in Palma had to deal with five large illegal street parties - "macrobotellones". As on Thursday night, there was one in Playa de Palma. From midnight until 1.30, the local police took action in dispersing people. This included clearing them from the beach itself. Unlike the other incidents, a number of tourists were out on the streets in Playa de Palma.

In Plaça Drassana, near La Llotja and the port, some 150 people had to be moved on. There were similar numbers on the Carrer Sant Magí in Santa Catalina, in the vicinity of the Feixina Park and on the Son Castelló industrial estate.

A joint operation with the National Police, deployment of officers lasted until 6am. The local police also checked some fifty establishments in Arenal, Santa Catalina and elsewhere.

Palma town hall says that current regulations are largely being respected by bars, restaurants and shops. The police operation will be repeated on Saturday night, the authorities stressing that fines for the illegal street parties are "very harsh". There are also the Covid regulations for the wearing of masks,


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Tom / Hace 5 months

What can a government do with a police force that has only a few thousand to control 1.2 million on the island plus 400k tourists a week coming in now after dropping all restrictions within a month ? The answer is nothing ! They have lost control and will pay a big price for this ! Everyone just enjoy the party while it lasts !


Gabriel / Hace 5 months

This is what people understand when easing of restrictions happen...this is exactly why the easing goes so slow. It's like they want everything to get closed again. This makes no sense...


sayNo / Hace 5 months

fascist state now. nothing to do with this virus just keeping control and trying to push an obedience agenda. pushing covid regulations are illegal and so are fines. I do not know how any court can uphold illegal regulations against your basic human rights


John / Hace 5 months

I'm no expert but wouldnt it make sense to open bars later so people can "party" or drink in a controlled environment.