Passengers are gradually returning to the buses. | MDB

The manager of the Palma EMT bus service, Mateu Marcús, says that passenger numbers are recovering little by little after last year.

One example of this is the A1 route between the airport and the centre of Palma. In April this year there were 27,512 passengers. In April 2020 there were 843. On the A2 Arenal-airport service, there were 1,354 passengers in April; last year there were only two. Combined, therefore, there were 28,866 against 845 in 2020, an indication not just of revived use of public transport but also of tourist numbers.

In overall terms, Marcús explains that April's passenger numbers were 47% lower than they were in April 2019. For residential bus routes, the percentage is better. On average they are now operating with passenger numbers that are 66% of what they were in 2019, which was a record year for EMT.

The tourist routes are still down by around 90% compared with 2019, "but they are recovering". Even so, not all are currently operational, such as the service from the port for cruise ship passengers.