Nightlife has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. | J. Barceló


The Balearic government and representatives of the nightlife sector are understood to have reached agreement for a reopening of establishments at the end of this month.

The detail of the protocols is being worked on, but a schedule for hours is said to be in place. There will initially be a 3am closing time, and this will become 4am in August, so long as the health data remain good and there have been no outbreaks of the virus. A further extension to 6am will not apply until herd immunity has been achieved and so at least 70% of the population has been immunised (both doses of the vaccine). This may well be by the end of August, which is the target that the Spanish government has in mind.

As the protocol details are still being hammered out, there are no indications as yet with regard to, for example, whether dancing will be permitted or the wearing of masks. Two test events are to be held towards the end of this month, at which people will not have to remain seated.