Theresa May in parliament.

10-06-2021Youtube: Ginger Juice

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May launched a scathing attack on the British government their "failed" transport plan.

May said in parliament that it was easier to travel last year eventhough there was no vaccination. She hit out at the government for their mixed messages over travel.


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Austin Morgan / Hace 7 months

How very true Mrs May it is time to change and adapt, 1000's of Brits have properties abroad that they cannot visit but are still costing them to maintain, and the leader here in Wales wants to choke up every holiday resort in Wales which I say is a financial move not a health move as clusters of the Indian variant is popping up in North Wales due to visitors bringing it in, very well said Mrs May


Adam / Hace 7 months

Good on ya Theresa well said !!!


Ged / Hace 7 months

Biden has every right to criticise the British Government. The UK signed a deal with the EU that sold out Northern Ireland. UK wanted to leave and Johnson would sign anything so he could say he got Brexit done. He kicked the problem down the road and now he can’t kick it any further. Biden needs to know that the protocol will be secure and that Johnson is a man of his word in order to do a deal with the US. If Johnson doesn’t like what Biden says the send him packing. But the gutless liar that Johnson is will just have to face up to the total mess he made relating to Northern Ireland.