PPP materials arriving from China. archive photo. | EFE

The coronavirus pandemic has cost the Balearic Government more than 200 million euros since the State of Alarm was declared last March.

Total expenditure for 2020 amounted to 144,595,451 euros.

Health Service Management & Budgets Director, Manuel Palomina, is predicting that the bill for 2021 will be around 122 million euros and according to the extrapolation made from actual expenditure until April, 60 million euros has already been spent.

The Government also paid 72.6 million euros for PPP materials at the beginning of the lockdown and most them had be flown in from China.


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The bill for PPP materials will fall by more than 50% this year to around 33.5 million euros, according to the Ministry of Health.

1,300 extra healthcare professionals were hired to help cope with the influx of Covid patients at hospitals last year. That cost 33.9 million euros and the bill is expected to increase to 49.3 million euros this year, for healthcare professionals, overtime and vaccine programme staff. Another 14.9 million euros will be added to that for Healthcare Professionals at ports and airports.


The Government plans to administer 140,000 vaccine doses this week and vaccination appointments are now available for those aged 35-39.

Around 38,000 under 60s in the Balearics, who’s first vaccine was AstraZeneca are now being given their second jab and have the option of switching to Pfizer or having a second dose of AstraZeneca.