Erasmus concert at Plaza de Toros in Palma.

16-06-2021Última hora

Green Patrol Officers and Ministry of Tourism inspectors broke up an RFB Music Erasmus concert at Plaza de Toros in Palma on Tuesday night and sanctioned the organisers.

The concert was aimed at minors on holiday in Mallorca with several artists performing, including Aina Da Silva, Jeipy and Maikel de la Calle.

It was authorised by the Balearic Government and Palma City Council who imposed a series of conditions: a maximum of 200 people sitting and wearing face masks in the ring; 1,000 sitting in the stands wearing face masks; delimited areas selling alcohol for adults and an express ban on the sale of alcohol to minors.

But the festival got totally out of hand when older students allegedly bought alcohol and gave it to younger students, many of whom got drunk and ended up lying on the floor.

When Palma Local Police and Government inspectors arrived they found hundreds of young people dancing and completely ignoring health and safety measures.

Singer, Maikel de la Calle posted a video on social networks showing hundreds of young people dancing, glued to the stage and blatantly disregarding the Covid rules.

Security Staff were completely overwhelmed by more than 1,200 students, the vast majority of whom were drunk.

Several people were reportedly sanctioned for very serious misconduct and non-compliance with the Covid regulations.

The next RFB Erasmus Student Festival concert is scheduled to take place on June 20, but it will be up to the Balearic Government and Palma City Council to decide whether it can go ahead.


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Colin Allcars / Hace 7 months

A repeat performance should not even be considered.

As usual, the youth of today have shown that they have no respect, dignity or self control. To give alcohol to young children is unforgivable.


Peter P / Hace 7 months

What did they expect would happen, seriously!


yes2freedom / Hace 7 months

young people are rarely 0.01% chance of being affected by this flu virus... they don't want us to have fun or to enjoy ourselves or the young people.. shameful. these governments have so much to answer in the courts when the legal cases are brought. controlling everyones lives and they have no right