Félix Alarcón, who found the anchor. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

62-year-old diver Félix Alarcón knows the sea in Playa de Palma very well. A few years ago, he saw something on the seabed that he thought was a stone. At the start of May, he realised that it was an anchor. He notified the Guardia Civil, concerned that someone might take it. In the end, it was taken, but by Guardia Civil divers. The anchor had been there on Sunday, but on Monday it was gone.

The anchor was in the seabed some 70 metres from shore between the balnearios 13 and 14. It was from a Roman ship and in the same area as the remains of a Roman ship which were found recently; it had been carrying amphora jugs for oil and wine. Indications are that the anchor belonged to this ship.

It weighs some 150 kilos and is around three metres across. It will probably become a museum piece at some point in the future, an element of Mallorca's heritage. For this reason, Félix is somewhat disgruntled. "The politicians have not even thanked me. They've only invited me for a coffee."