Tourism minister welcomed news.

Tourism minister welcomed news.


The Balearic Minister for Tourism, Iago Negueruela, has welcomed the announcement that the Balearics had been placed on Britain's Green List for safe travel but warned that everyone must act responsibly.

Speaking on Thursday evening, he said that it was fantastic news for all but added that the fight against Covid will continue. Negueruela, who has been in close contact with the Foreign Office over recent months, said that there would be strict controls at Palma airport and guidelines must be respected.

Sales of holidays to the Balearics have surged following the announcement.


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David Robinson / Hace 7 months

It's the result of the excellent work done in Majorca by the citizens and the gov.


johnc / Hace 7 months

I hope with this news that people act responsibly. Thousands will book now without a care that it could actually be placed back on to amber at short notice,look what happened in Portugal 3 weeks ago. I'm pleased we are open because people's livelihoods are at stake. I'm just surprised they allowed it to happen as most of Europe won't go near the UK.


Alan / Hace 7 months

Hey you people, why are you all confusing vaccination with contagion. Vaccination only lessons the risk of the more serious effects if you catch it. It doesn't stop you from catching it, and it doesn't protect anybody else from catching it from you. The problem is that our vaccination levels are much lower here than the UK, and British tourists are not bothered about that. That's why mass British tourism at this time could cause us a lot of problems, it's very risky for us. We should have our own government determining this of course, but ours is in the pocket of the hoteliers federation.


John / Hace 7 months


To give your mind some ease whilst the vaccine levels are behind the UK I had my first dose this week and I have my second one in just under 3 weeks time (before my friend in the UK recieves his second dose) so actually it's not doing badly.


Adrian / Hace 7 months

Johno you live in cloud cookoo land I’m on my way next week the people of Mallorca need our money and they will get it I will spend as much as I can to help and I’m not a tourist I own my property and I love the mallorquins if I thought I was a risk I would stay here 🤷‍♂️😀


Johno / Hace 7 months

Hola Ellie has nobody told you us Brits are NOT coming to Majorca this year as your vaccination levels are still to far behind ours in the UK. Even us with properties in Majorca will happily holiday in the UK this year as the Balearics are very much a busted flush at the moment with many places not likely to open this year. Glad to be spending my furlough cash in the UK.


Christie / Hace 7 months

You won’t - we are doing the third most testing in the world far more than any other EU country and have over 60% of our population double jabbed. More testing = more cases but hospitals and death been flat for months.


Ellie / Hace 7 months

For God’s sake please reintroduce PCR testing for Brits coming into the Baleares- otherwise we’ll be in lockdown again by the end of July and no tourists will be coming from any countries at all


yes2freedom / Hace 7 months

when you know whom should never be in power... fully jabbed and yet they still say '' be responsible,'' like these now have the permanent power to tell us how to live. now pandemic, no curfews because this virus has peaked long time ago and they want to keep the fear over people. keep the control because they are nothing without it. I hope these are never reelected in office again these socialist aka communists