The Social Club, Palma. | Teresa Ayuga

Balearic nightlife is on trial this weekend with three pilot projects in Mallorca and Ibiza and there’s a lot at stake.

Preparations are underway at The Social Club on the Paseo Marítimo in Palma, which has been closed since March last year and will host a trial event on Saturday night with a maximum of 300 people; 200 of the tickets have already been sold.

The Social Club’s Head of Operations, Mari Carmen de Pablo Garí, says the doors will open at 21:00 and close at 02:00, which is the same closing time as bars and restaurants.

All attendees must present an Official Covid Certificate at the entrance, to prove they’ve had at least one dose of the vaccine, 15 days prior to the event.

Unvaccinated people can also attend but they must submit a negative PCR test or negative antigen test carried out within the previous 72 hours.

Nightclub staff and Ministry of Health personnel will verify the data, QR codes will be scanned at the door and staff will accompany each person to their table.

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At least 30 people, including Security Guards and waiters will be working at The Social Club's pilot event on Saturday.

Capacity is limited to a maximum of 6 guests per table inside and 12 outside and the rules are the same for the VIP area and the general admission area.

The Social Club dance floor, Palma.

The dance floor has been cordoned off and can only accommodate 20 people, who must keep their distance if they don’t belong to the same group and wear a mask at all times. Drinks can only be consumed at tables and there will be a show to liven up the night.

"It's as close to normal as we can get," said Mari Carmen de Pablo Garí.

The Director of the Balearic Institute of Occupational Safety & Health, Rubén Castro, has already visited the premises to check that all Covid protocols are in place.

Two other events will be held on Friday night; the Hard Rock in Ibiza will host an event similar to the one at The Social Club and Sidonie will play a live concert as part of the Mallorca Live Festival in Calvia.