Francina Armengol, Balearic President.

Francina Armengol, Balearic President.

28-06-2021Marcelo Sastre

The Balearic President, Francina Armengol, has tweeted a stern message amid the furore over a mass Covid outbreak amongst students from the mainland who were on holiday in Mallorca.

"We will not allow the irresponsibility of a few to endanger the effort of all,” she vowed. “If someone plans to travel to the Balearics to behave uncivilly and put the health and economy of the Islands at risk, let me be clear: they should stay at home. Whoever comes here must show the same commitment as the citizens of the Islands."

She also made a point of stressing that the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet.

“Everything that has happened in recent days reminds us that the virus is still here and that anyone can be infected no matter how old they are, including young people,” she tweeted, in clear reference to the students. “That is why it is so important to comply with the Covid measures.

After a year and a half, everyone should know what happens when they expose themselves to the virus."


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Rich / Hace 7 months

Could someone please suggest another country for me to live in. I don't care about its covid infection rate or the state of health care, if restrictions are reemposed I just want to take my chance at a normal life for the years I have left.


nigel / Hace 7 months

If you are vaccinated, and if unlucky, the virus will be no worse than a bad dose of the flu. So, be happy, over 18, 56% have been vaccinated once, and 38% twice. Not quite UK standard with 84% and 62% respectively. It is all a question of priorities.


Tom / Hace 7 months

meanwhile, in the industrial areas the raves and parties continue and the police are too afraid to even go there.... Useless warnings for publicity is one thing, but not dealing with reality on the Island after opening the flood gates is another, and a price will be paid by all for this no doubt.


Paul / Hace 7 months

Like drinking in bars after hours perhaps? Agree with the message and we all have personal responsibility but those who make rules and break them like Armengol and Hancock have no authority or credibility to tell others how to behave and that's why they have no place remaining in government.


Alan / Hace 7 months

Silly cow, she was the one that invited all the world to visit us without PCR's. Oue contagion rates have tripled in three weeks, so now she's put another hat on...


Jacqui / Hace 7 months

Muy bien - well said......