Covid controls at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport

Covid controls at the airport.


Since Saturday, the National Police at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport have intercepted 21 Spanish students who were attempting to leave Mallorca. They were at the Hotel Palma Bellver 'Covid hotel' but had broken their isolation and gone to the airport. The National Police are now maintaining a 24-hour guard on the hotel.

Three students have managed to fly back to the mainland. Police and health authorities in their regions have issued search warrants. The Balearic government reported this situation to the national Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, and regional authorities will take appropriate action, which will include fining them.

The bulk of the students at the Covid hotel are from Andalusia - 214. The others are from Madrid (21), the Basque Country (18) and Galicia (twelve). Twelve students are at present in Son Espases Hospital. None of them have serious symptoms.

The Balearic health service has been screening employees at six hotels in Arenal where the students have been staying. Only one out of 175 has tested positive.


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nigel / Hace 7 months

It is because there are those who do not understand what this virus is all about. If you do not understand you are frightened, and my plain talking frightens people. To quote George Orwell, "The further society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it!


Tom / Hace 7 months

Please note even all of the Uk was vaccinated, the nasty reality is that Astra Zeneca has little protection in medical journals against the delta Plus variant. Secondly, lets not forget how the Uk acted for its own benefit and grabbed most of the initial Astra Zeneca vaccine for its own population leaving the EU behind,. That strategy might bite the Uk now while it drops all precautions for political milestone dates that have nothing to do with reality or science. Lastly the problem in Spain and on Mallorca lies with supply chains of vaccines , a problem in part created by the UK at the start of vaccines coming to market for hording the first tens of millions of doses of it ..... which it still is doing ....


johnb / Hace 7 months

Don't understand why the 2 Nigel comments received negative responses? Everyone has been saying how slow our vaccination process is,and how important it is to vaccinate everybody.


nigel / Hace 7 months

If they concentrated on vaccinating the islands population, got used to the idea covid is here to stay, it would save a lot of money, frustration and unhappiness.


nigel / Hace 7 months

Why do they not just get the residents (those that wish) of Mallorca vaccinated? Then they would have no more problem students or anyone else. It is such a simple answer, to a problem that we have to live with.