The government has been relaxing restrictions

The government has been relaxing restrictions


Spain reported 12,345 new coronavirus infections and eight deaths on Thursday, with health ministry data showing daily increases this week at their highest levels since mid-April, in part due to the more contagious Delta variant.

The infection rate measured over the past 14 days rose to 134 cases per 100,000 people from 117 on Wednesday, accelerating a rise that began in mid-June after the rate hit its lowest level since August, of about 90 cases per 100,000.

Encouraged by the drop in infections in the past few months as vaccination picked up steam, the government has been relaxing restrictions and last Saturday lifted a blanket obligation to wear masks outdoors. A record 747,589 people were vaccinated on Thursday, leaving nearly 38% of the population fully inoculated.

Thursday's numbers took the cumulative total of COVID-19 cases in Spain to 3,821,305 while the death toll reached 80,883.


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Chris / Hace 7 months

Sorry Stan, but that 8snt the situation at all in the UK.

Case rates are increasing, but nobody cares because 90% of the increase is in children or the under 25s. This group does not lead to hospitalisations, let alone deaths. Restrictions (such as they are) are no longer observed in the UK unless they are the type that can be enforced such as numbers in pubs or masks in supermarkets.

Where I live in Wales, there was a single patient with Covid in hospital; the whole of Wales, just 7. Death rates have been fewer than one death a week for the last 8 weeks. So the Indian variant is not to be feared so long as the vulnerable have been protected by vaccination. And mutations typically weaken the lethality and morbidity, even if transmissability increases.

So no, restrictions will not be maintained, let alone increased. Get your jab folks!


Stan. / Hace 7 months

There has been a very close and similar number of Covid Infections occuring in the UK. I do not expect they will Authorise a Freedom Day on July 21. The British Govt. Will have no option but to extend the current controls. Yesterday over 12, 000 virus infections were recirded in theUK. Prior to that, many thousands of infections have been registering. Soon there will be an increase in Deaths as a direct result of these sudden increases of Virus reports. Should the Indian Delta Virus develop. Further strict restrictions must be applied.